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MEET 2021

Danish Overlander Meet 2021 is a reality - ticket sales are open

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Danish Overlander Meet

After a somewhat amputated start with an event right in the middle of Corona restrictions, Danish Overlander Meet is back in 2021.

The event takes place the last weekend in August from Thursday the 26th to Sunday the 29th.

There is not much new about meeting other people, but getting together from across different travel segments and car brands is new in Denmark.

The background for the event is simply that there is no such thing in Denmark and the Nordic countries at all.

It started as a post on Facebook, where it was suggested if one should not find a place "to do some tire kicking" and have a look at what projects and ideas we all were working on. One led to the other and all of a sudden Danish Overlander Meet 2020 was established.


This year, the Danish Overlander Meet takes place in scenic surroundings in a de-commissioned gravel pit of ca. 12 ha , which was left to nature in the 80s.

The location is very close to Brædstrup in Jutland.

You will find, among other things, overview maps and answers to various questions on this page.


Depending on who uses the term, "overlanding" has taken on a variety of meanings in recent years.


The important thing is not to confuse it with camping, #vanlife or extreme off roading. Overlanding is a form of travel where the journey itself is the goal of the trip and where you are not dependent on others. And when it's simplest, overlanding is about exploration.


Whether you travel by car, truck or motorcycle, it is about driving on the less busy roads and immersing yourself in the environment and culture.

Sometimes there will be off-road obstacles to climb - and that will require some of your vehicle. Maybe you build your own overlander car, truck or overlander trailer for your next trip. Danish overlander meet is the meeting where you will meet like-minded people.

That said, overlanding is far more than just the buzzword it has become. There are a few important things that differentiate it from traveling overland from the typical forms of camping travel where you tow your caravan 2000 km south for 3 weeks every summer.

  • The vehicle is the ship you are sailing on an adventure in - Your car, motorcycle, or truck does not have to be fancy, but should be prepared or built to withstand the loads of this type of travel.

  • Your Skill and Effort - Overlanders are self-driving and self-sufficient; pitching your own tent and changing tires will be part of the package.

  • Exploring the unknown - In overlanding, the journey is the goal; Detours and detours will be your route rather than traveling in a straight line from where you live to a specific destination.

Danish Overlander Meet is thus a meeting for everyone with an interest in this type of travel. See more about under FAQ

See you in August 2021 - www.danishoverlandermeet.dk

Overlander Camp




Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanized off-road capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and spanning international boundaries.